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Journeys and workshops

Yoga Journeys

More than just retreating, Yoga journeys are designed to apply AND experience what Yoga really is. We learn about Yoga in the classroom, but to experience it requires the next step.

We take you into nature – the closest environment possible to facilitate Yoga.


Himalayan Yoga Trek in Kashmir

August 27-Sept 6 2015
please email b@palateearth for a full brochure

Much of Yoga focuses on connecting with your true nature. The origins of Shiva Yoga was born in the Himalayan mountains of Kashmir….. Explore why

This 8 day trek (with a couple of days either side to acclimatise) is a journey that will take you into the heart of a space surrounded by the beauty and pure energy of those mountains. Discover how it feels to be where Yoga began.

The journey was conceived from a vision, a curiosity of discovering where Yoga evolved from, understanding the inspiration for the original teachings.
It is beyond words and imagination. It can only be experienced.

In terms of logistics, you will be supported every step of the way by the most experienced crew of guides and horsemen in Kashmir, professionals who have been guiding for three generations. They set up camp for us, provide horses, food, chai, build bridges when necessary, escort you over streams and always keep a watchful eye. Their English is excellent, skills unmatched and I would trust no other.

We recommend that you are at a level of walking fitness to ensure you maximise your enjoyment of the trek. Should you require a break however, for any reason, the horses are there to ride (under escort or alone if you prefer). There are no steep climbs, the walks are gentle.

On trek, we will be enjoying vegetarian fare with plenty of protein. We dine under a thousand stars at night, and with breath-taking views during the day.

All levels are welcomed, and no experience is necessary.

For some visual inspiration, see our photos

BAXTER, your tour leader, is a fully qualified senior (10 years 1000+hours) Yoga Teacher and Therapist  who has studied and practised many traditions of Yoga. Having traveled extensively through India and studied with many well-respected teachers, Baxter’s focus now lies with how Yoga can be applied to the individual so that Yoga can be experienced.

More more info on her, see the ‘about’ page

For complete information, retreat brochure, and registration details, please email or

For a brochure with details and price, please email


Peru- coming soon.

6 days of light trekking including a visit to Macchu Pichu and exploration of the sacred valley, its agriculture and textiles.


Patrick Sanfrancesco- Healer

Will return in 2015. Stay tuned for dates.

Patrick San Francesco, a faith healer from Goa, India, travels the world healing people and initiating projects to empower the underprivileged. Patrick’s quest for knowledge led him to study medicine, law, accounting, and other disciplines. He also went through many trying situations—medical and otherwise—and always emerged out of these by a deep understanding of the universe and its energy. It was then that he realized that this same universal energy could be used to get other people out of their traumas.

Today he heals anyone and everyone who comes to him, and takes care of their physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, psychological and other situations, and gives them a taste of the “Absolute”. He heals without any conventional or alternative medicines. Patrick gets all his energy from the Universe, and does not depend on food or sleep to energize or rejuvenate his own body. For him, it is all about Love, Empathy, Compassion, and Kindness.

The Light Movement invites you to an experience of “The Absolute” through meditation and healing, guided by Patrick San Francesco and focused on the relaxation and cleansing of both mind and body.  The concept of Patrick’s meditation and healing is about oneness, and the intention is to raise consciousness and focus not on the self but outward to those in need.

To this end, Patrick founded and serves as chair of Samarpan Foundation, a non­profit charity run solely by volunteers from around the world who work toward a common ideal based on love, peace, happiness, kindness, simplicity, and clarity.
Some commonly asked questions and their brief answers….

What kind of healing is this?

  • It is an energy healing. A universal divine energy.

Can my sickness be cured by this healing?

  • Any sickness can be healed, whether psychological, physical, whatever.

How long will it take to be healed?

  • Depends  / differs on each patient.



Previous workshops and retreats which may be offered again in the future….

Yoga Sutra and Therapy Seminar  

Understand how Yoga serves as both a stand-alone therapy and a supportive modality to other therapies and listen to one of the great Sutra teachers apply this 4000 year philosophy to contemporary healing.
Free. Rye Beach Community House, 27 Nelson St, Rye 6-7.30pm

Workshop with Saraswathi

Flinders Hall, 54-56 Cook St,
Flinders, Mornington Peninsula
9.30am-4.30pm both days, $260

Saraswathi is considered a true scholar and a truly ethical teacher, unburdened by ego and blessed with fine linguistics, and we are honoured to host her for a seminar and workshop here on the Peninsula.

After 20+ years as a senior teacher, yoga therapist and student , teachers like Saras appear rarely. She is an internationally renowned teacher travelling between France, Australia and Canada, with her domestic commitments being in developing a learning and healing centre in Hyderabad.  Read more about Saras.


Free Seminar  bookings essential
Yoga Therapy is a traditional and effective modality that provides profoundly effective
results.  Treatments can be applied to a broad range of conditions found in the muscular skeletal, cardiac, renal, respiratory, digestive, mental and neurological systems.
This is an opportunity to meet Saras and learn how Yoga Therapy serves as a most powerful complimentary therapy.
Highly recommended for all therapists, doctors and anyone interested in their health

$260 bookings essential
The philosophy of Yoga was written and recorded over 4000 years ago. Its explanation of the mind, body and spirit is even more relevant today. Understanding its wisdoms provides a holistic toolbox for healing, and adds depth and new insights into other

Open to:
Individuals who want to maintain their health and wellbeing
For those who wants to address minor/major health issues.
Anyone who wants to improve their energy levels, efficiency, attention and gain better clarity and calmness
Any therapists looking to further support their own studies into understanding the nature of human conditions and how to treat them with diet and lifestyle.

This workshop also includes a movement and breath practice.

“Saraswathi continues to push the boundaries in redefining yoga therapy as a relevant topic for Western audiences today. All
those who have studied with her, without exception, have been touched and transformed by her gifts as a yoga teacher and healer.”

For bookings, please contact Baxter on 0423 161 5030423 161 503 Full payment is required upon booking which is non-refundable but fully transferable.



Spirit of India- a Yoga/ Ayurvedic journey







Visit the home of Yoga and be inspired by its rich and devoted culture.

We stay at Shreyas, a remarkable property where all staff practice Yoga every morning, all food is served from their organic gardens, and every detail is given the utmost of Yogic attention.

It serves as a fine model for retreat venues, HRM, business and hospitality alike. Their philosophy has created a peaceful and harmonious envirnoment which can be felt at all levels and evident most of all in the staff out of whom only two have left in nine years!

Baxter will be leading the retreat, with assisatance from the Shreyas staff, many who are fully trained and highly experienced in Yoga.

We will be taking time to listen to the body, to observe how loud the mind is, and to discriminate between the two so that we reconnect to the infinite wisdom of the body.


Pre and post tours can be designed by Marieke Brugman on request. She is undoubtably one of Australia’s leading Indian travel experts and knows how to unravel the mysteries of dealing with Indians to make any journey seamless.

All stages and levels of participants are welcome. The more open the heart and mind, the richer the reward.

Please email for a detailed brochure of itinerary and costs.

for more info see marieke’s description of the tour



Petrea King

We are thrilled to host Petrea for a one-off seminar on the Peninsula.
She will do what she does best which is inspire through her stories, wisdom and humour.

6.00-9pm, $40 early bird or $50 at the door. Please book and pay to qualify for the early bird.
Toorak College, Mt Eliza
Bardon House Lecture Theatre, enter via gate 2 and look for the signs. Feel free to park anywhere (even in 2 min drop-off spaces), except on the lawn, and look for the sign.

Please book with Baxter at
Payment can be made with cash, cheques or transfer, no credit cards sorry.
Petrea will also have her vast range of books and CD’s available on the day, for which they gratefully accept cash.

For more info on Petrea and the wonderful work she does, please visit her website










Sri Lanka Yoga retreat

11-20 June  2014

Join Marieke and Baxter for a new retreat in Sri Lanka – a land which is truly unspoiled and culturally rich

Deepen your Yoga practice and learn how to connect to a higher, calmer self. You won’t come to learn as you already know, you will come to study and understand how to apply the tools of Yoga to access our innate wisdom. It’s very simple, and a lot of fun.

Sublime food, interesting excursions and plenty of poolside time.

Baxter is a committed student and teacher of Yoga, focussing her attention on how to apply Yoga as a Therapy to any condition.

This retreat  includes all meals and excursions, accommodation, yoga, private consultation, and transfers if arriving together.


Please email or call  Baxter for a detailed brochure

More info can be found at marieke’s art of living