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Yoga classes


Yoga classes in Rye, Sorrento, Mt Martha, Somers and Flinders on the Mornington Peninsula and in Melbourne.

Perhaps you’re not looking to find the stillness within or clarity all around but would like simply to become stronger and more  flexible. Yoga classes are designed to touch every system, organ and muscle in your body in a very non-intrusive way whilst teaching you how to listen to your body. Yoga regulates, massages, feeds, grows, harmonises, tones, lengthens and strengthens the physiological and psychological systems of your body.

Yoga in the Park will recommence on Dec 12 2015 across various locations on the Mornington Peninsula..


Thursday: Rye Yacht Club class has moved to Tuesday night from 6-7.30pm with Stacey Doleman. Please contact Stacey directly