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Yoga at Home

Yoga Therapy is a science, a comprehensive model to maintain and regain health. There is no magic pill, just desire. Desire to be actively involved in managing your own health through diet and lifestyle. The more simple the technique, the more efficient it is.

Yoga therapy is complementary to other therapies and modalities, working with them to enhance your health.

Because Yoga Therapy, or ‘Viniyoga’ is such an adaptable form of yoga, almost anyone can benefit from it. It is not just for people that are aging, sick or injured. It can be used by people of excellent health and fitness, or anyone that is looking for a form of yoga that can be tailored to meet their individual needs.

Treatment may require two to several sessions, depending on how developed the IDCP is. The first session will involve a complete assessment and may run for 60-90 mins. Subsequent sessions will take less time. We also consider your time and budget.

The most common tools used in this tradition include postures (asana), breath regulation (pranayama), meditation (dhyana), dietary recommendations (ahara niyama), lifestyle suggestions (vihara niyama), chanting (mantra), visualisations /affirmations (bhavana), gestures (mudra), and guided self-inquiry (svadhyaya).

We recommend 3 sessions to mobilise, then strengthen your constituion.

What to expect:
The first session will run for 60-90 mins and includes a full assessment through observation, palpation and discussion to determine where the student is at. We design a course (usually around 15 mins to practice daily) applying movement and breath relevant to the student’s specific needs.

Subsequent sessions run for less time (30-40 mins) to modify and build on the original practice to slowly strengthen and improve the student’s constitution.

“Do something to protect yourself and it will protect you”.


Mornington Peninsula rates:

3 sessions $220

single assessment (includes a custom-designed programme) $120

Some private health insurers offer rebates on Yoga. Please check your policy to see if you’re eligible.

Melbourne rates:

$270 for 3 sessions or $120 single

Subsequent sessions $70 (within a 3 month period of the first session if within the local area)

Visits are recommended in 7-14 day intervals. After 3 months, a total re-assessment will be required as per the first session at a cost of $120
Please contact Baxter 0r 0423 161 503 to make an appointment.

We have three consulting rooms….Rye at Inner Qi (Wednesday afternoons from 1-6pm), Rosebud health food store (from 1-5) and King St Sorrento any other day by appointment.

Should you be unable to travel because of your condition, house calls can be arranged.