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Yoga as a therapy

Health is the greatest wealth.

Every one of us is unique, highly individualized.

Unique, highly individualised at all levels.

At all levels – Physical, Physiological, Psychological and Deeper.

So one standard yoga practice for all – simply does not work.

No ailment exists alone.

It always inhabitants individuals.

The name of the ailment may be the same.

But the individuals affected are different.

So one Prescription like yoga practice for any ailment – simply does not work.

Disease oriented yoga approach is not an objective reality.

Individualised orientation is all that is required.”

Dr N Chandrasekaran

Conditions which Yoga Therapy can help students with include but aren’t exclusive to are:

back and neck pain
arthritis and joint related problems
migraine headaches
high blood pressure
cardiac problems
pregnancy complaints
weight loss
female health problems
digestive problems
chronic fatigue
stress and stress related problems
overactive mind
sleep issues
cancer care

Treatment may require three to several sessions, depending on how developed the condition is. The first session will involve a complete assessment and may run for 60-90 mins. Subsequent sessions will take less time.

Consulting rooms:

Sorrento: Monday, Thursday and Friday (Sat and Sun if necessary)
Rosebud: Tuesday Rosebud Health Food store 879 Nepean Hwy
Rye: Wednesday: Inner Qi, 3/2327 Point Nepean Rd, Rye

By appointment only.

  • Minimum of 3 sessions (recommended) $220
  • 1 session only $120 (full assessment in 60-90 mins with a customised programme designed specifically for you).
  • Subsequent casual sessions $70 (within a 3 month period of the first session)

Visits are recommended in 7-14 day intervals. After 3 months of, a total re-assessment will be required as per the first session at a cost of $120.
Some private health care providers will allow $100 in Yoga treatments.
If you are a student of Baxter’s classes, you will receive a further discount on group classes whilst on the programme.
Please contact Baxter 0r 0423 161 503 to make an appointment.