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Corporate workshops/ retreats

We offer two choices when it comes to corporate retreats.

The first
is to motivate your people. A healthy employee is a productive employee, one who works efficiently, takes on greater responsibility, and is less prone to illness.
It’s very easy to keep your most valuable assets motivated and invested in your goals, and it all starts with their own health, wellbeing and emotional intelligence.
We run group workshop and retreats, or work with individual members of your team.

The second is for your valued employees and their partners. It may not be such a goal-focussed weekend, rather something to thank or inspire. We offer 5 star accommodation, cooking programmes and fabulous food, in-house massages and yoga, visits to vineyard, or simply a round of golf with a dip at the Peninsula Hot Springs at the end.
Our facilitators are inspiring leaders in their fields, authentic people who live what they offer.

Enquire about retreats. 0423 161 503

“….the feedback I have had from all that attended your Yoga session at Mt Eliza has been outstanding.”

Michelle, Fairfax Media Printing