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"Your wealth of knowledge and experience in Yoga is immense and you are gifted in teaching and creating a beautiful space for people to learn."


"I am a regular pilates reformer user who trusts that it will keep my body strong, tall, lean and pain free, however this year I bought a new car and within a few weeks had developed a twist through my rib cage that while I could identify the imbalance on my reformer, I just couldn't fix it. A tight left hip rotator and right hamstring with a tight left psoas was pulling on my mid back ribs making them dislodge with the simplest twist. Baxter customized an asana routine that so quickly stretched the tight muscles to free up my entire spine and restore its perfect posture. I am so grateful since 3 different chiropractors, and a massage therapist could not help me. Even though I trust that our bodies know, intrinsically, how to heal, it is our lifestyle with repetitive strain, that goes unnoticed, that is often the cause of our pain. Baxter is gentle, unintimidating, intuitive and knowledgeable and her yoga practice will change how you love and understand your body. Next time I will immediately go to her."
Marjolein Brugman

Marjolein Brugman
Lighter Living

I attended your yoga in the park classes over my summer holidays. I wanted to take the time out to say that you were ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC, you are a great yoga instructor and I thoroughly enjoyed all the classes. I only wish you were in Melbourne!!! Its hard to find good teachers and inspirational people like yourself.


Just wanted you to know how much i LOVED your yoga sessions in the park.
I feel so refreshed. I only wish you were in Melbourne.


I enjoyed your classes in the park in Sorrento - it was truly the highlight of my holiday - you teach a lovely class - thanks very much.


Her presence, her voice, her energy is very empowering…”


“You are a wonderful teacher and your desire to give and help is so evident in all that you do.”


“You exude a kind of strength of purpose that is very impressive”