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Sorrento Wellbeing Centre

Everyone who came to Sorrento for Yoga in the Park is familiar with the magical location (sometimes I think that’s WHY people come), and we think the out-of-service hanger would make the most magnificent venue for a more permanent Wellbeing centre.

This ”Well-Cell”

  • would be an all-inclusive venue for residents, rate paying non-residents and visitors to the Southern Peninsula reaching out to a range of individuals and groups of all ages and stages in their lives.
  • would be run by a committee  with on-site classes, seminars, workshops, training programmes which would be both commercially and co-operatively funded. Many other community groups would be encouraged to access  the centre for their meetings/activities to be able to create a broader awareness for their organisations.
  • would also run off-site programmes within the Peninsula such as hands-on farming workshops, organic gardening, cooking schools, art projects, youth projects.
  • would provide a web of wellness, connecting to other synchronistic networks and organisations such as local swim races, bicycles events, fun-runs, farmers markets, local produce growers, complimentary therapists, classes and workshops etc.
We’d love for you to take a moment and fill out 3 easy questions. Thank you.

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