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Yoga at Home

We all seek harmony in our lives. How we do that depends on the matrix of our mind/body/spirit, and everybody is different. You are ultimately your own teacher, and we’re here to facilitate that journey into your inner wisdom.

Yoga incorporates all aspects of our lives and one we practise through diet and lifestyle. It goes well  beyond what we practise on the mat, although this is where many of the lessons are learned.

The word “therapy” suggests that it only required when one is ill. However, as a personalised practice (it only needs to be 10-15 mins) builds resources and wisdom for our bodies and minds, it is recommended for everyone regardless of your level, size, shape, age and religious beliefs.

The movements and poses of Yoga can be seen in so many therapies these days from Physiotherapy to Pilates. Nothing new, only variations of the ancient philosophy of Yoga.

Yoga therapy takes you, the individual, into complete consideration when customising a practice designed for you, and nobody else but you. No two practices will ever be identical. This is what sets Yoga as a therapy apart from other therapies and why it compliments other therapies so beautifully.

For more information on the benefits, programmes and prices, please visit Yoga as a Therapy.