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BREATHE at schools

BREATHE was first launched at Geelong Grammar’s Timbertop campus 5 years ago. Since then we’ve introduced it to a variety of other school-aged groups either on or off-campus (like the Peninsula Hot Springs)

It’s about food and lifestyle.
We address the issues of body image, stress, food choices, exercise and positive thinking.

It’s about getting in touch with our own wisdom.
We teach kids how to make healthy choices own their own, without telling them which ones to make. This gives them a greater sense of responsibility and skill to make future life choices without the confusion of mixed messages from experts and media.

It’s about experiencing the learning
We make it interactive, fun, and physical so that learning takes place at every level.

The programme is designed to:

·         address modern health challenges like depression, anxiety, obesity, stress, diabetes

·         increase self-esteem, setting patterns of success and achievement

·         improve behaviour

·         understand who we are to create a healthy respect for who we are.

·         promote “Ahimsa”- non violence in speech and action to ourselves and others

·         relax the body  

·         quiet and focus the mind to develop concentration skills

·          provide rest and rejuvenation

·          foster creativity and imagination

·          develop coping skills to manage feelings and emotions

·          develop self awareness and self acceptance

·          provide enjoyable, uplifting experiences

·          increase attention span and improved memory

·          assist with sleeping problems

Please enquire for a printable version of the programme and its details including price.