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Yoga found Baxter in 2003 in the form of a poster nailed onto a coconut tree in Thailand.  That memorable class on the beach left a resonating, deep impression and since then she’s spent most of her waking life (and a fair bit of subconscious time too) studying the philosophy of Yoga.
Baxter has trained with traditional gurus, contemporary masters, neuroscientists, Ayurvedic practitioners and more recently, medical doctors and Yoga Therapists where she believes the greatest benefits lie. She holds a post-grad  in Yoga Therapy (600+ hours)


Six years ago Baxter launched Yoga in the Park which now runs in 7 locations across Australia’s southern coasts of WA, SA and Vic during summer, offering Yoga to over 2000 participants.

We journey to Kashmir to discover the origins of Yoga, hold seminars and workshops and work with individuals to design customised practices specific to their constitution and special needs.

It’s about bringing Yoga to the you, the people. What you do with it then, is your choice.